Robert Koda

While it is true that Robert worked under the guise of the legendary Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note (Kondo) Japan in Tokyo, Robert is actually self-trained and an independently motivated creator of audio electronics.
Interest and research into the interaction between technique and musical satisfaction began at the very early age of 12. While within the era of the transistor, ironically it was vacuum tube that first captured Robert’s attention.
Robert Koda now offers a select few the opportunity to own and enjoy these hand crafted works of musical beauty.

“The desire now to offer fellow music listeners the same complete listening experience finally persuaded me to produce commercially available options – the Robert Koda brand.”


Robert Koda MC-ONE


Finally the full presentation of the Robert Koch’s Robert Koda Takumi MC-One phono preamplifier. Enjoy… “In the mid 2000’s we set out to meet the challenge of creating a truly great phono pre-amplifier. During the following years we Introduced the highly acclaimed K-10 and K-15 EX pre-amplifiers but no phono options despite our continued and best efforts. It was not until 2014 when we invented a new and superior technique to apply the SIPA equalization curve that the project started to take final shape. A further two years of hard work were sill needed to attain our goal. The final outcome is one that not only achieves an excellent measured performance with unique merits, but most importantly, a sound quality that places analogue as a firm and clear choice for music lovers. We are now ready to present the Takumi MC-One.”



High Gain. massive Headroom. Generous Output and Low Noise

Dedicated Moving Coil Only Design

Useful switches and connectors

Permalloy – Fully annealed

Beautiful Build – A copper envelope

Single Ended and (thus) full Class A

TC for final gain and buffering

Component Quality — The Highest Grade

Double Binding Posts

Technical Specifications


One stereo pair. One set RCA plus one set XLR

One stereo pair. Balanced or SE selectable


60 ohms SE or 2X30 ohms balanced

Selectable with out opening the unit. 56, 64, 72dB
Impedance Equalisation

RIAA by propriety techniques

Maximum Output
20V RMS any audio or ultrasonic frequency, any gain setting
-78dB (A) weight at 72dB gain. Ref 500mV
20 ohm thru 11, in six positions. Custom values possible with out modification
Flight case delivered in high strength cardboard
AC operation
210 thru 256V or 105 thru 128V. Range manually selected
Other controls
Mute, Mono / Stereo, power. œ
389mm Wide, 385mm Deep, 158mm High excluding feet

Robert Koda K-10

The Takumi K-10 is our classic and multiple award winning line pre-amplifier.
Full balanced and unbalanced outputs of exceptional quality, mechanically switched inputs and a full mechanical attenuator built in the Robert Koda tradition are but a few of the design points.

The K-10 is the first pre-amplifier to include our ITC circuit and has won the hearts of many demanding music listeners for its shear ability to elevate the sound of the complete audio system into deep space territory.

The ITC circuit

Our invention and a unique arrangement of semi-conductors is central to achieving sonic perfection. Inverted Transconductance Coupling importantly provides a total freedom from “the sound of power supply”. Distortion is pushed below measurable limits yet the circuit is of an elegant simplicity that stands firm under dynamic conditions music signals present.

Excellent coupling between source components and power amplifier, with a consummately low output impedance and intense drive capability ensure the K-10 will bring out the best of the power amplifier.

Technical Specifications

SE x 2 pairs True balanced x 1 pair
SE x 3 pairs True balanced x 1 pair
Plus 6 dB
Output impedance
75 ohm single ended, 2 x 37 ohm balanced
Input impedance
50K ohm single ended
Signal to noise
110 dB A weighted at 1V
Frequency response
20 Hz to 20K Hz +/- 0.03dB
0.00003 % @ 1Khz at 2.5V into 100K ohm.
Power consumption
Off – 0W, On – 30W
27 Kg unpacked
380mm wide, 380mm deep and 170 high

Robert Koda K-15 EX

The Takumi K-15 pre-amplifier is our flagship pre-amplifier and builds upon the technologies found in the acclaimed, award winning K-10. All together more sophisticated, refined and engaging, the Takumi K-15 is surely pre-amplifications ultimate form!

The Robert Koda K-15 preamplifier redefines State of the Art and presents music as a fresh encounter of a most indulgent and satisfying kind.

Specifically designed to partner with a wide range of source components and power amplifiers, its purpose is to extract the maximum performance from each component so that the system as a whole delivers uncharted musical pleasure.


The ITC circuit

Our innovative and a unique arrangement of semi-conductors, called ITC was Pioneered in the multiple award winning K-10. Now ITC is taken to the next level with the K-15 which is dramatically improved and refined in both design and execution to achieve incomparable subjective and measured results.

The ITC circuit provides an excellent interface between source component and power amplifier. It delivers massive power gain with remarkably low distortion while remaining highly immune from the negative influences of power supply noise.

Technical Specifications

SE x 2 pairs True balanced x 2 pair
SE x 5 pairs True balanced x 5 pair
Plus 8 dB
Output impedance
60 ohm single ended, 2 x 30 ohm balanced
Input impedance
50K ohm single ended, 2 x 50K ohm balanced
Signal to noise
114 dB A weighted at 1V
Frequency response
20 Hz to 20K Hz +/- 0.03dB
0.00003 % @ 1Khz at 2.5V into 100K ohm.
Power consumption
Off – 0W, On – 30W
29 Kg unpacked
369mm wide, 385mm deep and 158 high ex.ft.

Robert Koda K-160

Eleven years ago we introduced Takumi K-70 to the world. “Since then our program to progress has remained relentless. And progress has been made! I am now ready to share my most complete work yet – 匠心 K-160. Pronounced “Jiàngxīn” in China or simply Takumi K-160, I promise you an amplifier of absolute sonic beauty that soars above the beloved K-70”

Redefining Robert Kodas delivery of the “Ultimate power amplifier”. Everything K-70 was but so much better. Way better sounding, better packaged. And for those who need, much more power too! The new power amp has shed the tube. Thats because now I can design something significantly better. 匠心 retains a “Reactor” power supply. Only double that of K-70! And gone is the third chassis – All can be contained within each mono block. And for the input stage, a super quiet, unusually high voltage power supply based upon that developed for MC One phono equalizer. But now with “Super Ground” integral.

The output stage – Retains K-70s most essential ingredient – A double single ended class A topology with an idle current in excess of eight amps! But this time with a very special additive allowing for a ten fold reduction in distortion while delivering a fourfold or greater increases power delivery into low impedances especially. Both the new input stage and the newly adapted, unique output stage further contribute to the lack of “smearing”. Dynamics float effortlessly. Speed transcends its self while the resolution becomes so remarkable that music one mis-understood is rendered with absolute beauty and clarity.

It is the coming together, the architecture of 匠心 that makes it technically special. The design features are carefully melded into one electronically beautiful composition. The resulting sound is as cohesive as the design. Built with passion and purpose singularly by the designer, one by one


Only N type transistors

Perfected balanced, single ended or floating inputs

Zero negative feedback

Zero modulation on power supply

Only two stage – Yet 100% independent in operation

Extra high voltage (160V) power supply on first stage

Reactor power supply for power output stage

Class A – With over 8 Amps of standing current

Fabulous signal to noise ratio

Completely servo free

Ne Plus Ultra parts

Vacuum stateless

Assembled with pride, patience and perfection


Technical Specifications – Per single unit


Output power

150W / 8 ohm.@ less than 1% THD (any mode)

230W / 8 ohm @ less than 1% THD (high power mode)

120W / 8 ohm @ less than 1% THD (high power mode)

26dB SE, balanced or floating
Input impedance
Greater than 10K ohms (SE, balanced or floating)
Output impedance

0.05 ohms at 1KHz (damping factor is 160)

Signal to noise

105.5dB (A weight) @ 1W into 8 ohms. 125.5dB at 100W into 8 ohms


0.0009% at 5 watts into 8 ohm, 1KHz.
0.005% at 50 watts into 8 ohm, 1KHz.

Power consumption

550W at all times (high power mode)
400W at all times (normal mode)

45Kg unpacked per unit
Takumi K-10
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Our brand exists because we have something uniquely special and timeless to offer serious music lovers. Our values are one of truth in the spirit of music as in business. Our customers are the commissioners of each amplifier and are therefore of great importance to us.

More than 16 years experience in the field of high end audio distribution, retail, installation, servicing and all the contact available through this career with vast arrays of equipment of those times fueled a hounding sense that things could be done by him and be done right played a major role in his life and lead to the development of a system that by 2004 captured the results of this life long work.

Its architecture was both simple yet elegant and redefined the inherent structure of digital / analogue playback technique. To visiting audiophiles it yielded a propinquity to completeness not experienced before on replayed music. The system was deemed startling in its unique ability to transcend the sound of both transistor and vacuum tube – The amplifying devise.

Drawn from those works, refined, perfected and matured Robert Koda now offers a select few the opportunity to own and enjoy these hand crafted works of musical beauty.