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Originally developed for internal R&D, Magico is introducing the QPods to maximize front-end system performance. The pods themselves are CNC-turned and milled from hardened stainless-steel, oxygen-free copper, and hard black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. These materials create the constraining layers for the damping material that is alternately clamped between to create a single traverse dissipating unit, which we call the QPod.

Vibrational wave propagation through the floor, stands, and the equipment itself is converted into heat energy through the side-to-side movement (known as “shear deformation”) within each layer of the pod.

By adding a multi-leveled constraining layer mechanism to equipment standoffs, electrical and mechanical vibration-induced artifacts are acutely reduced, ultimately resulting in marked improvements to signal fidelity.



Magico’s noise channeling support system for medium to heavy loads. Many have already experienced the significant sonic improvements with the Magico QPOD placed under light-to medium-weight components. Magico engineers have now succeeded in designing the larger MPOD with these same philosophies for ideal noise reduction and floor coupling characteristics under greater loads.

The threaded coupling stud on the MPOD is designed as an upgrade to replace the existing footer on the Magico M3, Q7, Q7MkII, M-Project, and S7, as well as being supplied as the standard foot for our M6. The audible benefits of the MPOD will also be realized underneath heavier components such as amplifiers, without using the threaded coupling stud.



Utilizing the same design principles as the renowned QPod for front end equipment and the MPod for heavier speaker and amplifier loads, the SPod is the ideal floor coupling mechanism for S-Series, Q-Series and V-Series Speakers. Based on the scientific design principles of Constrained Layer Damping, unwanted mechanical energy is dissipated away from the enclosure.

Demonstrable results include increased dynamics, enhanced focus, greater resolution, and a closer representation of the original musical performance as it was intended during the recording process.

The main structure of the SPod is formed from multiple machined aluminum sections which when assembled form a vertical stack. A solid pure copper substrate center round is sandwiched by a top and bottom layer of aluminum that when compressed together facilitates the Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) function.

An adjustable spiked footer threads into the SPod base and when locked into position provides solid coupling to the floor. The SPod is configurable for the Magico S1, S3, S5 (MkI and MkII), the Q1, Q3, Q5 as well as the V2, V3 and legendary Mini Speakers.


Positive Feedback – Greg Weaver – October 2011  “… I strongly recommend the Magico™ QPods and their transforming performance. I’ve asked Irv and Alon to send me an invoice !! “   – Read the Review