Isolation & Accessories

Tranquility base UEF XL

More Powerful than Base due to 9 layer construction


  • 23.25″W x 20″D x 1.5″H
  • Active UEF Em Cell
  • Ground Plane Technology
  • Ground Out for TT
  • 9 Layer Isolation Laminate
  • 1 Single Lead MPC Power Supply
  • Extruded Aluminum Base
  • 2 sets MiG 2.0 included


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Tranquility base UEF

More Powerful than basik due to Integrated Ground Plane and 6 layer construction


  • 18.5″W x 16″D x 1.5″H
  • Active UEF Em Cell
  • Ground Plane Technology
  • 6 Layer Vibration Isolation Laminate
  • 1 Single Lead MPC Power Supply
  • Cast Aluminum Base
  • 2 sets MiG 2.0 included


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Tranquility basik UEF

  • 17″W x 14″D x 1″H
  • Active UEF Em Cell
  • 3 Layer Vibration Isolation Laminate
  • 1 Single Lead MPC Power Supply
  • 1 set MiG 2.0 included


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Tranquility POD

Our new ACTIVE Tranquility PODs condition signal while it’s still in your system, just like full-sized Tranquility Bases but in a smaller and more flexible platform. And Tranquility PODs are based on the same ACTIVE EM Cell technology that powers our PowerCell line conditioners. But instead of conditioning AC electromagnetic fields, Tranquility PODs interact with the EM fields inside your components for more of what everyone loves about PowerCell line conditioners. To use, place a single Tranquility POD under or on top of each component you wish to affect and let the Tranquility POD’s internal Electromagnetic Cell and Ground Plane technology interact with your component’s EM fields for a dramatic improvement in musical performance. Subjectively this translates into increased dynamic headroom with a lower noise-floor, so you experience a true-to-life soundstage, improved bass extension and control, and cleaner and more extended high frequencies, all without a hint of glare or brightness. Even if you have made a significant investment in racks and isolation, or you can’t fit large platforms in your home, or perhaps you want a dramatic system upgrade, Tranquility PODs will deliver, guaranteed. So contact your SR dealer and find out just how amazing your system can sound. *Available for in-home audition risk-free through participating Synergistic Research dealers and distributors.

Tranquility POD is a field generator hand-built in our California factory consisting of an Active EM Cell with UEF Tech and Graphene. It works by conditioning signal through inductive coupling when the POD is placed under or on top of audio components to cancel distortion and this translates into clearer sound with a lower perceived noise floor. Tranquility PODs also include a Ground Plane to reduce ground noise revealing information and spacial cues you’ve been missing. Simply place Tranquility PODs on top of or beneath the components you wish to transform. During your in-home audition period you may want to experiment with different placements on top of or beneath a component and listen for the option that takes your system to the next level.


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MiG SX footers are an evolution of our original MiG footers developed in 2008. We start with a new specially tuned MiG resonator forged from high carbon steel and add a precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum and Carbon Fibre three-piece chassis engineered to distribute vibration through a special tuning disc and a UEF tuning element into Carbon Tungston ball bearings. For a bespoke match to your system, MiG SX has two placement options that re-tunes your component’s resonance; choose between Ambient and Pin-Point configurations and pick the option that best suits your system on a component by component basis. With MiG SX in your system, you experience a more massive and dense sound field, improved imaging, better layering of images, deeper and tighter bass, more extended high frequencies, and better mid-range clarity. In short, MiG SX improves nearly every aspect of system performance in a way that is anything but subtle.

MiG 2.0

MiG 2.0 builds on the performance of the original MiG with the inclusion of a specially tuned high frequency transducer similar to our HFT room treatments. The 2.0’s balance is extended with high frequency air that makes music sound as if it is decaying into infinity. Perfect for high resolution systems that are well sorted, tube based systems or systems that need help with high frequency extension, simply experiment with your two placement options, Pin-Point and Ambient, to find your perfect system match. You may also want to experiment with MiG’s and MiG 2.0’s for a bespoke solution that fits your system and personal tastes to a tee.


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The original MiG or Mechanical Interface Ground is a superb footer that excels with a warm natural balance that can be tuned through two placement options to best match your system. Placing just one or two sets of MiG’s under your components can deliver a significant increase in sound staging with a balanced to slightly warm tonal balance.


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UEF Performance Elevators

UEF Performance Elevators not only elevate your speaker cables from the floor, but they also dramatically improve fundamental aspects of system performance, including low-frequency weight and control, mid-range clarity, and high-frequency extension. Perhaps most dramatic is the effect on your system’s ability to portray soundstage scale with improvements in front to back and side to side image placement and variations in image height, all with a greater sense of the sound field wrapping around your listening position. To make this possible, we first experimented with several elevator materials, including wood, ceramic, and plexiglass. Ultimately aluminum was chosen for its musicality, neutral tonal balance, low-frequency weight, and high-frequency air. We then experimented with multiple HFT variations (the red dot you see on the riser below where the speaker cable rests) to interact with a cable’s EM fields. Ultimately we choose the HFT variant in Double-Blind Testing that brought out the most dramatic and musically satisfying results. UEF Performance Elevators do far more than elevate your cables from the floor; they raise up your entire system.


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Electronic Circuit Transducer

You now have the ability elevate the performance of any piece of audio gear with little more than a screwdriver, or an allen wrench, at home. Simply apply a few ECT’s in each of your system’s components for a significant and cost effective improvement in sound quality.

ECTs clean up high frequency noise that otherwise distort harmonic structures within the music signal. When ECTs are placed on or in an electronic device UEF nano-particles within the ECTs are excited by the components EM fields and in turn are balanced by the ECTs reaction through the process of inductive coupling. With ECT’s you hear music with a lower noise floor, higher resolution and a significant increase in soundstage scale with improved mid-range clarity and low frequency control. In fact once you place ECTs in your system, you’ll never want to take them out. Available for a risk-free, 30-day in-home trial, audition ECT’s with complete confidence.


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GCT – Ground Circuit Transducer

GCTs are engineered to clean up the ground in your components at the circuit level. Even if you are already using a ground filter like our Active and Passive Ground Blocks, GCTs can create a dramatic effect. A variation of our popular ECT, simply a place GCT near the grounding point in any circuit or component for an immediate improvement in sound quality. Noticeable benefits are increased warmth and harmonic richness, increased soundstage realism thanks to a lowering of your components noise floor, and increased musicality.

GCTs can also be used to increase warmth and richness when placed on or near fuses in your components. Simply adhere a GCT to your fuse holder, even if that fuse is at the back of your component or in the IEC port, and you’ll hear added body and improved high-frequency response that is never fatiguing.

GCTs like Synergistic Research fuses are sold with a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee so you can try GCTs in your system and hear for yourself the power of Synergistic Research!

(1 piece per component recommended)


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PHT – Turntable

Get more from your analog rig when you add PHT (pronounced ‘POT’) to upgrade your phono cartridge all without ever changing your phono cartridge. Simply apply one PHT -or- Phono Transducer, either Type ‘I” or Type ‘S’ atop your phono cartridge or head-shell and immediately hear a dramatic shift in presentation. Of course like all UEF based tech you hear a lower noise floor, increased resolution, and improved bass extension with increased air and soundstaging. Available in two distinct strains, the Type ‘I’ Black Widow PHT’s add holographic realism to your recordings while Type ‘S’ Green Dream is all about focus, clarity, and musicality.

Available in two distinct strains:
Type ‘I’ PHT is called Black Widow. Its sound is ethereal, lush and holographic. You’ll definitely ‘trip out’ the first time you experience your system on Black Widow!

Type ‘S’ PHT is called Green Dream. Its sound is focused, precise and musical. The first time you listen to your favorite records on Green Dream you hear your record collection anew with before unnoticed spacial cues and clarity you never dreamt possible. It’s like getting a new and altogether higher grade cartridge all by simply adding one tiny PHT to your analogue rig!

Owning both Black Widow and Green Dream PHTs is like having two state-of-the-art cartridges costing thousands of dollars each, for the price of a good stylus pressure gauge!


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XOT Carbon

Hear more of what you love about your speakers. Upgrade and enhance your speaker’s performance and get more satisfaction from your music by attaching XOT Carbon High Frequency Transducers to directly to the binding posts. XOT Carbons are high frequency filters specifically designed for your speaker’s crossovers. They scrub the nasty EM fields that adversely effect your music. The powerful XOTs clean up high frequency noise that otherwise distorts harmonic structures within the music signal. UEF particles within the XOTs are excited by the EM fields, in turn the EM fields become balanced by the XOTs and more phase correct information is achieved. You will hear a lower noise floor, higher resolution and a significant increase in soundstage air with improved mid-range clarity and improved low frequency control for a more holographic and musical presentation. Terminated in either spade or banana connections, XOTs are sold with a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee.

HT Carbon interface

Just plug your cans into the new and improved HT Carbon, Headphone Transducer and significantly reduce the noise floor of your headphone rig. The new Carbon fiber enclosure and a second generation headphone UEF filter dramatically elevates the performance of every headphone. Other improvements like modifying the plug on the HT Carbon, now allows for easy use on Headphone amps with recessed headphone-out connections.


Orange is the new Blue


The new ORANGE Quantum Fuse is a direct result of technology we first developed for our Limited Edition Galileo SX PowerCell. At its core are new UEF Technologies and a completely new multi-stage high voltage treatment process for the lowest noise floor of any fuse we have ever manufactured. In fact, ORANGE is by far the most significant leap in performance across five fuse generations. Subjective improvements include better timbral accuracy where separate instruments and voices take on a new degree of life-like realism. Other benefits over prior SR fuses include a larger soundstage with greater depth, width, and front-to-back layering. Musicality or the presence of increased detail without a hint of fatigue is off the charts for extended listening that is never harsh despite being our highest resolution fuse to date.


The Blues never sounded so good


The new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse was developed over a two year period and represents our most advanced UEF Technology to date. At its heart is a completely new UEF / Graphene coating that delivers a dramatic increase in resolution and holographic realism over SR Black. And thanks to a new conditioning process, break-in time is cut in half. In fact a brand new out-of-the-box BLUE Fuse should significantly out perform a fully broken-in BLACK Fuse and it only gets better from there with full performance after 200 hrs of continues power. To find out how good your components really are audition the new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse today.

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