MAGICO was created over a decade ago for the sole purpose of leading a no-holds-barred assault on what is possible in contemporary loudspeaker design. Inspired by the unique vision of industrial designer Alon Wolf, every MAGICO speaker is designed against the standard of perfect audio reproduction – live music.

At MAGICO, we strive to lead in the creation, development, and manufacture of the most advanced loudspeaker systems in the world. MAGICO uses state-of-the-art computer graphic modeling, precision real-time analysis, and the most sophisticated CAD acoustic simulators and emulators available today.

We create industrial “works of art” that simply out-perform any custom or commercially available speaker system in the world.


Q & M Series

Q7 mk2 – M6 – M3 – M2 – Q-Sub

S & A Series

S7 – S5mk2 – S3mk2 – S1mk2 – SCC – SSub – A5 – A3 – A1 – ACC – ASub

Limited Series



QPod – MPod – SPod – APod


“Every Magico loudspeaker is built by hand in a clean, bright assembly area reminiscent of Formula 1 workshops.”

This is not a large team assembling products on a production line, but instead two or three people who build a speaker from parts to packaging, with painstaking assembly sometimes taking days to finalise. Again, we can’t stress the attention to detail strongly enough.

Just before final crating up, one of Magico’s more sensitive listeners dons a special stethoscope and listens to every joint, corner, and angle of a loudspeaker to listen out for stray wisps of air or sound escaping through the seals of a sealed box. In a rare moment of near-compromise, the same soak-Klippel testing procedure is used to prototype Magico’s next designs.

Cabinet panel resonances are a significant cause of sound coloration. Heavy bracing of a typical MDF enclosure can help reduce enclosure flex but at the cost of increased energy storage and damping factor. Although a welcome attribute for midrange outout, over damping is detrimental to bass performance (high energy storage, low wide Q and low resonances).

Resonances in the body of a musical instrument are an essential part of defining its nature and quality. The opposite is true of a loudspeaker. MAGICO has spent many years developing an enclosure system that successfully balances the 3 elements that constitute a proper loudspeaker enclosure: stiffness, mass, and dampness.

The assembly area within the new campus. A considerably larger area with better work station layout dramatically improves work flow. Coupled with modern infrastructure, this optimizes efficiency and improves quality control  of all our products.

Magico is one of a handful high-end loudspeakers companies who develop and manufacture their own drivers. Our abilities to have full control over all drivers unique functionalities and parameters, allow us to build complete systems without the typical compromises many high-end loudspeakers manufacturer have to make.