The Alluxity product line is a result of Alexander being raised in a musician and Audiophile environment and working for the high-end family business (Vitus Audio). Initially the musician part of Alexander was the dominating part, but as music experience grew – the interest in tweaking for optimal performance grew as well.

For the 5 years Alexander worked in the family business, he learned about electronic manufacturing, designing in SolidWorks, Altium Designer and combining it all.

As Alexander got older he wanted to go his own ways, which resulted in starting his own company (AVM-TEC) that focused mainly on Surface Mounted Technology. To keep up with increasing orders, an investment in SMT equipment was a must – this kept on for 2 years, making it possible for AVM-TEC to invest in creating the Alluxity products


Media One

It is the source to the Alluxity products and the final piece in achieving the perfect mixture between lifestyle and high end.

The Media One is built on the reliable ReQuest software that allows the user to control not only the server but also the connected Alluxity amplifiers, with any type of phone and tablet.

The server features 2TB internal storage and can stream from a NAS and can also be used as a NAS by other devices.

Musical backup is as easy as any PC backup and can be done by standard file sharing through the network.


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Integrated One

It’s a compact beauty and beast who loves to perform and show its raw talent to the audience​

The Int One is built upon the same topology as the Pre and Power, fully descrete balanced modules with zero global feedback and assembled with building blocks that make future upgrades or replacements affordable and easy to do.

The chassis is milled out of one piece of aluminum and finished up with powder coat paint.


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Pre One

The PRE ONE is your typical preamplifier, simplified to take ease of usage to a new level.

With its standardised two gain stages pr. Channel and it’s no nonsense relay volume as simple as it gets, which takes its performance amongst the best in the world.

The topologies of the modules are balanced with zero global feedback. This prevents even minor phase errors and low noise levels. As the modules are easy to exchange, future upgrades are not only easy, but also cheap compared to exchanging to a new preamp.


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Power One

The Power ONE is based on the same modules as the PRE ONE, but obviously tweaked to fit into a power amplifier.

Its balanced design, no parallel output devices and zero global feedback, gives a musical performance rarely heard in solid-state designs. This is achieved without compromising full resolution, dynamics and extreme power handling.

Do not be fooled by its small size, the Power ONE is a very powerful amplifier and it will drivepretty much anything in even in large listeningrooms.


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